Broadcast & Live Events

Allowing the audience to keep up, stay connected and control LIVE video content in real time. Whether the audience is in the stadium, home or abroad, it deserves to receive the content and control it in real time. The experience of watching live sport games, music concerts and live news is going to be much more entertaining.



There are cases when time and accuracy are the matters of life and death. Medical organizations need a system to stream, control and manage
LIVE evidence of procedures occurring within the hospital. Surgeries and observation monitors can be streamed live in the highest resolution and the lowest latency for better efficient treatment in real time or as study materials for continuing medical education.



Student want to acquire education in the best and most modernized way. The internet is an outstanding communication tool that improves students’ learning experience. It connects students from all around the world with live lectures, assignments and group meetings. This content is streamed live to domestic and foreign classrooms, to student’s laptops and mobile devices anywhere at any time.



Whether streaming video from an open field, secured facility or smart city, the main priority is to receive the most accurate
video. Real time and detailed video is priceless, especially when critical decisions are made in seconds.



Manufacturing companies can save extremely amount of capital when supervise the production process efficiently. A high quality video that do not miss a single detail is a must.