XVTEC Encoders may work with third-party software or hardware Decoders.  Full compatibility is guaranteed when used with a XVTEC Encoder.

There are many  different parameters that can be configured in H.264/5 encoding.  Some parameters are required, while others are optional –  and those optional settings should not present an issue for devices decoding the H.264 stream.

XVTEC can guarantee low-latency performance when using both XVTEC Encoder and Decoder Hardware

Low latency is achieved by capturing and encoding in sub-frames (slices) . This way the transmission can start while the slices are being captured and encoded. 

Bitrate setting depends on the scene complexity. In general for 4k60 HEVC we recommend 2-4Mbps for low motion low /details scenes, 4-15Mbps for moderate motion/detail scenes and 15Mbps and above for complex scenes which include high motion/details. Please refer to the user guide for more information.

Standard warranty period is 1 year

For technical support regarding XVTEC products and services, please contact XVTEC support:

XVTEC offers our clients advanced technical support packages:

  • Custom solution engineering support.
  • Critical technical support, including customer site visits.
  • Technical support services can be purchased in blocks of 40 hours.

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